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  Roger Alan Wade
 Chattanooga, Tennessee

About five years ago, Roger helped me "borrow" these photos from his parents' house with one caveat - I would have to use them all, as well as Roger's words to go with them. Roger chose these particular photos, giggling to himself the entire time. Pranksterism obviously runs in the family...

(Click on a photo to enlarge it.)

Roger's parents: Mr. and Mrs. Bob Wade

Roger's daughters: Jessica, Shandi and Cheyenne



Cheyenne Wade with her friends

Shandi's Wedding

Mr. Wade with his granddaughters

Mrs. Wade with Roger's niece

Roger's niece: Savannah

Roger's brother: Robbie

Christmas 1997: the Wade Gang with the Clapps

Thanksgiving 2000

Thanksgiving 2000: Wesley, Roger, Shandi, P. J. and Roger's brother, Kingfish (Richie)

Richie, P. J. and Shandi

Roger's nephew: Wesley

Thanksgiving 2000: P. J. and Wesley

Wesley, Roger and Roger's cousin

Roger's cousin: Lynne - "Before"

Roger's cousin: Lynne - "After"

P. J., his dad Phil, and Roger

The "Unknown Poet"


Roger's granddaughter: Emily

Emily, Savannah and Roland


The Houck cousins

Wesley and his dad: Kingfish



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