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  Roger Alan Wade
 Chattanooga, Tennessee


Many of Roger's fans stem from his relationship with MTV's "Jackass" having written the unofficial theme song. "If You're Going to Be Dumb, You Gotta Be Tough" was featured in Jackass's Season Two, Episode Seven, as well as "Jackass - The Movie." Roger has also appeared on MTV's Wild Boyz with Steve-O and Pontius and the Howard Stern Show.

Roger Alan Wade's connection to Jackass is actually in the family. His first cousin, P. J. Clapp, is better known to most as Johnny Knoxville. These two belong to a tightly-knit family who seem more at-ease with putting each other in the spotlight. Roger's most recent album, "All Likkerd Up" was produced by Dick House Productions, owned by Johnny Knoxville, who has been on the road promoting his most recent film release "The Ringer."

When asked to provide photos of himself for this website, Roger instead handed over pictures of his family, all posted on the "Family" page. People who know Roger would not be surprised by this, and they all think of him fondly. Most emails that I get from this website are from people who have met Roger at some point or another and just wanna say howdy. He has many friends out there in addition to his steadfast fans!

You can order Roger Alan Wade's "All Likkerd Up" here.

Whether you're a fan or unfamiliar with Roger Alan Wade, you should see his video short at this link.

You can take a listen to songs from "All Likkerd Up" at this url. Roger does an amazing job with Knoxville Girl, his last track and one of my favorites.